Home of the DOUBLE DOSED Medicinal Marijuana edibles. For local orders and deliveries... Leave a message. You must be 215 compliant! I will verify NO EXCEPTION!!!, THIS IS A LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR MEDICINAL MARIJUANA, EDIBLES, CLONES & CONCENTRATES IN COMPLIANCE WITH CALIFORNIA H&S 11362.5, PROP 215 & CA SB 420, I’M A CALIFORNIA RESIDENT AGE 18 OR OLDER, THAT I HAVE A WRITTEN RECOMMENDATION FOR THE USE OF MEDICAL CANNABIS FROM MY DOCTOR WITH MATCHING CALIFORNIA ID. If you contact me, you cannot be any type of law enforcement or investigator gathering evidence against myself or the card holder! I have full rights to provide only to prop 215 patients and sb-420 patients alike. I am providing medical Marijuana for non profit, donations only for moneys spent on developing costs, growing, lighting, watering, nutrient needs, etc.
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I Love You $2

I Love You $2

Tagged: #$2 #bill #love #money #two dollar #valentine #you #oraysion 
Posted: Sat October 22nd, 2011 at 12:48am
Tagged: $2 bill love money two dollar valentine you oraysion
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